Can't read data correctly through beeline when data is save by HiveContext

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Can't read data correctly through beeline when data is save by HiveContext

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        Here is my javacode;

      SparkConf sparkConf = Constance.getSparkConf();
        JavaSparkContext sc = new JavaSparkContext(sparkConf);
        SQLContext sql = new SQLContext(sc);
        HiveContext sqlContext = new HiveContext(;
        List<StructField> fields = new ArrayList<StructField>();
        fields.add(DataTypes.createStructField("id", DataTypes.IntegerType,
        List<Integer> data = Arrays.asList(1, 2, 3, 4, 5);
        JavaRDD<Integer> distData = sc.parallelize(data);
        StructType schema = DataTypes.createStructType(fields);
        JavaRDD<Row> rdd = Function<Integer, Row>() {
                        public Row call(Integer v1) throws Exception {
                                return RowFactory.create(v1);
        DataFrame peopleDataFrame = sqlContext.createDataFrame(rdd, schema);
        System.out.println("**************"+sqlContext.sql("select * from").toJavaRDD()

         bin/spark-submit --class com.bjdv.spark.demo.Copy_2_of_Fenlei  ~/sparkjob.jar

        I run this shell on my server to create a table named "" in Hive,the table have 5 records;
        And then I run "select * from" through beeline;

        It works well;
        But when I run the shell second or above;

        The javacode could read the data well,bug beeline still show only 5 records that insert by the first time;


        I'm sure that beeline and shell read the same hive-site.xml ,the metastore is saved with mysql;