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Swift at exercism.io | Practice | Coummunicate | Pay it Forward

Andrew Halls
I've enjoyed Katrina Owen's website exercism.io as a place to practice your coding skills.  The theme there is Practice | Communicate | Pay it Forward.  At the site you can take on small coding challenges, post your solution and receive feedback from your peers.  Once you finish an assignment you are invited to provide feedback (nitpick) the work of others.   Follow the guidelines to keep it a fun and supportive community.  

The Pay it Foward phase is where I learn the most, I get to see a variety of solutions and interact with others learning the language.   I've worked on my Objective-C and Javascript at the site.   It is has been an education to do cross language comparisons to see how the different communities approach a problem.

 Early in June a few Swift solutions have been added.   The Swift community is growing but as a crowed sourced activity, the more the merrier. 

-- Andrew

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