ViewController.Type does not have a member named 'name'

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ViewController.Type does not have a member named 'name'

Inside my ViewController I'm creating a new Object that takes in a 2 dimensional array as a parameter. The array is declared above the instantiation of the Object. But I get an error on the line the Object is instantiated in that says "ViewController.Type does not have a member named '(name of the array)'". Any help would be appreciated. Here is the piece of code:

var arrayForMaze:[[Piece!]] = [[Piece2(),Piece4(),Piece8(),Piece7(),Piece8(),Piece4(),Piece13(),Piece8()],









    let maze1:Maze! = Maze(myArray: arrayForMaze, startR: 1, startC: 2, endR: 7, endC: 6)         //This is the line with the error

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