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WIP dev Smackdown - Swift edition

Alfonso fonso
Hi there!

Sorry to interrupt but this may be a great opportunity to share some love with the community:

At WIP we keep organizing these "webinars" from developers to developers called Developer Smackdown! that you can watch on our Youtube Channel. Here is the event.

The format is a HALF HOUR Google Hangout agilely moderated by us where the 3 or four participants show their code-tricks/experiments or whatever they want to share with the community in just 3 minutes with a very cool prize for the coolest trick.

Next webinar is all about Swift, so we’ve thought about you. It will happen this Thursday 25th of June at 9hPST (17h London time), so what you think? Do you want to have some fun and share some knowledge with other developers? show a cool feature you've recently found out? share some Playground experiment? in any case, throw us a line!



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